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Bakeri Group was set up in 1959. It is one of the oldest and most trusted real estate companies in India.

Bakeri Group has been at the forefront in fusing traditional values and modern architecture. Bakeri Group has developed more than 25 million sq. ft. of plotted development & 17 million sq. ft. of constructed properties with exceptional infrastructural space which has created noteworthy landmarks in Ahmedabad.


Ongoing Projects

Residential Projects

Discover some of the most inclusive, environmentally sensitive 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK residential projects in Ahmedabad and Baroda.


Residential projects by Bakeri Group are design optimised for young couples, senior citizens, and families, alike.


Commercial Projects

Office spaces by Bakeri Group are designed for optimal natural light and ventilation, with special attention to heat proofing, energy conservation, adequate parking spots, EV charging points, and spacious lobbies and floors.


Shops and showrooms by Bakeri Group are some of the most coveted spaces in Ahmedabad because of the high footfall they garner, coupled with their high return on investment.


Take a look at elevated architectural landmarks in the form of commercial projects by Bakeri Group.


Weekend Getaways

Bakeri Group’s plotted development projects are situated in the serene outskirts of Ahmedabad. These plotted developments offer the privacy of a gated community and the freedom to build your dream weekend home or farmhouse in Ahmedabad, on your own terms.


Every Bakeri Group plotted development project has a well-equipped clubhouse, a restaurant, a splash pool, and abundant greenery.


Environment is

Our Attitude

In the projects we develop, we make conscious efforts to minimize wastage, reduce our impact on the environment, and build sustainably. As a matter of policy, we construct with awareness of the long-term effects of human activity on nature.


The Bakeri Group Advantage

“Our constant goal is to build spaces that prove to be remarkable in every way. We thrive to build outshining skylines on the land of Ahmedabad and expand it to more cities in the future.”

When you’re investing in residential properties or commercial real estate, trust and transparency are the two most important parameters that come to mind. You want to invest in structures that are truly built to last; and what’s a better mark of reliability than a real estate company that’s been around for more than 60 years?


When we set out to build this company, India was a post-colonial nation wanting for premium quality engineering and construction. Shri Anil Bakeri took it upon himself to build accessible homes, shops, and offices, in order to make the dreams of countless Indians come to fruition.

In keeping with Shri Anil R Bakeri’s vision, our real estate projects are architectural masterpieces and engineering marvels in their own right, because they’re built to truly stand the test of time. Our houses are built to serve as warm, welcoming homes for families; and our shops and offices are developed in carefully chosen locations that are likely to bring you a healthy footfall of customers day after day.


Today Bakeri Group has developed over 25 million sq. ft. of plotted spaces and 17 million sq. ft. of constructed properties. Many of our projects have become noteworthy landmarks in Ahmedabad.

At Bakeri Group, some of India’s very best architects and engineers have been shaping the skyline of cities since 1959. We’re among the oldest and best real estate developers in India, and we strive every day to get better.

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